DQK Qualification App

Improving the Experience

This started as a small redesign project. Originally, the idea was to cut cost and improve the experience, allocating more money to benefits and perks that to sending out a physical package. With a limited test launch, we received very favorable feedback from members and users, so the idea expanded exponentially to a whole redesign of the online experience. That was Phase 1.

User-Centered Design

With General, Silver, Gold, Platinum, 1K and Global Services online experience redesign undergoing, we started phase 2, translating everything we learned and implemented in phase 1, in this case for mobile platforms. How can we translate this level of complexity into something that an experience that is built to its core with the users in mind? So many different requirements, both from the client and the user side.  It took months of work, from research, creating road-maps, analyzing pains and gains, points of touch. And the prototyping, more testing, re-designs, and usability reviews to arrive to the final product. To see every detail, take a look at the case study.

Designing a better business tool

Depending on how much miles you have, earned and spent you see different messages, different rewards, different benefits, partners and so many combinations to drive any UX designer mad. Could this become a tool to build a better business ecosystem? also, from a tech point of view, run into every possible device, sustain accessibility for every user and ready to adapt as the market changes. And every single level has their own rules, visual identity and significance.