Cost efficient UX web redesign

Understanding the business

The best way to grow bussines is to improve how users interact with the information, supporting their juourney not only digital but all the way to the experience.MileagePlus is the loyalty program from United Airlines that offers a variety of rewards to its members: from earn miles through travel shopping, dining, through literally everything you can do. Every time they swipe the airline or partner credit card, the members receive a certain amount of miles. And also, they can use those miles for travel, dining, shopping, or receive special benefits.

Understanding users to create a better experience

Earning Premier status is based on qualifying activity during the previous calendar year (January 1 – December 31). Once you qualify for Premier status, the status is valid from the date when you qualified through the end of the following Program year.

There are 5 levels or tiers of membership, from General to the most sophisticated depending on how much miles you have, earned and spent. There were 5 categories, with each one having different requirements, different rewards, different benefits, partners and so many combinations you wouldn’t believe. And every single level has its own rules, visual identity and significance. So the trouble multiplicated by 5. Also, depending on the city, the time and the kind of activity you have, the messages were different. From “Hi (Your Name) Welcome” to an interactive 6 lines of text disclaimer! insane.

Involving everyone in the Team

Qualification requirements for Premier members are complex and translating everything to a mobile app that makes sense. it was a huge challenge and a wonderfully committed team of developers, researchers, business analyst, testers, and visual designers. It took months of work, from research, creating road-maps, analyzing pains and gains, points of touch. And the prototyping, more testing, re-designs, and usability reviews to arrive at the final product.