Metropolitan Life Insurance


Senior Art Director

Client Needs

Create a visual UI experience for an integrated self-learning platform to support medical partners and clinicians to access patient records, status, payments lifecycle, health insurance claims, compliance and document management, in real-time across multiple devices.


The idea was to build an organic, stylish, and high-quality design that adapts and interacts with each physician/provider.  I created an immersive set of visual elements, components, and platform-consistent GUIs. that work with self-learning algorithms that transform and reorganize the visual environment to create graphs, relevant content, reports, and analytics to deliver a seamless data-driven and human-centered experience, allowing physicians and providers to follow the patient through the continuum of care.

Design that delivers measurable economic, engagementand performance

BioHub revenue cycle management and patient engagement services reduce the administrative workload and offer physicians’ digital accessibility and real-time access to information with a cloud-based medical records service that intuitively organizes patient visits, supporting providers’ documentation faster and more accurately, whether a small practice or a large healthcare system.

The project was acquired by MetLife and is still in the development stages.