Research & Case Study Highligths

How can we translate this level of complexity and information into a valuable experience?

My focus was to understand the context and the nature of our passengers/users, unify requirements, both from the company and users and translate them into achievable goals both creatively, technologically inspiring and leading my team, from concept until deployment was both challenging and amazing. The team’s commitment was incredible and the result can be appreciated not just by United but also by the incredible amount of positive feedback from every side.

Each Status (Premium, Silver, Gold, Platinum & Global Services) has its own dashboard, with exclusive colors, patterns, images, rules, messages, and so on. Even the time of day and location influence what the user sees. Both desktop & Mobile.

UI Design Comparison: move the arrow to see before and after

Real-time visual information that provides value by answering vital strategic questions on their status, enabling users to easily make decisions.

More than 200 different combinations of messages, alerts & events depending on the category.