United DQK DashboardEvolving business through design

The United MileagePlus is a reflection of its members. So the first challenge was to understand the brand and how users/members interact with it and how the program works. Even our findings surprised United. Because they are focused on the logistics and make everything run smoothly. They serve millions of customers all across the globe, 24/7. My focus was to elevate the experience by understanding the business, the client, the audience and bring that into the design and functionality of the platform.

User Centric Design

We elevated the experience by creating a customizable dashboard so our clients can access their information, receive notification and access vital information before, during and after their trip is completed.

Design meets Usability

Compliant with usability industry standards and brand guidelines to ensure a seamless and stylish experience.

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Real-time visual information that provides value by answerig vital strategic questions on their status, enabling users to easily make decisions.

A dashboard that fits everyone needs.

Earning Premier status is based on qualifying activity during the previous calendar year, and is valid from the date when you qualified through the end of the following Program Year. There are 5 levels or tiers of membership: General, Silver, Gold, Platinum and the exclusive Global Service, depending on your miles, earned and spent. Much thinking and hours of brainstorming and testing with every member of the team (Team United, as we affectionate call ourselves), from designers to IT, analyst, business intelligence and branding, we designed interchangeable modules, each one with specific branding and design. one for each perk and rewards, benefits, partners combinations, and unique business rules that change the information users see and are able to modify, from mileage calculations to awards. Plus, depending on the city, the time zone and the kind of activity you have selected the messages the art direction, style and images were different. If you were in Chicago, you see a different greeting than users in Singapore or Hong Kong.