Data-driven stories,balanced lifestyle.

With more than 1.7 million flights in 2018 and a reported full-year net income of $2.1 billion, creating storytelling that connects user’s behaviors with real-life achievements is a big deal. Vacations, family trips, gifts for loved ones, dinner with friends, and so on,  My concept was to create a reason beyond the communication or transaction, and also make a visual cue to wellness and lifestyle balance between the different activities our customers perform across the year. An experience that connects and empowers users throughout a year’s journey with United, beyond the Airline

A visual journey

We elevated the experience beyond the transaction with a product that works as a communication tool and activity dashboard, representing our customer’s journey throughout the year and translating data into real-life experiences. We also asked users to submit their pictures to create a unique and memorable experience. 

Creating value through real stories

A platform powered by technology and data that bring visual information, lifestyle balance and rewards services together in one place for our customers and also tapping into new business verticals. The key is always to bring real value to the experience. 

Project Numbers at Large

A small team with a big responsibility

From pitching the idea and previous weeks of internal meetings with the design, creative & IT leaders of my team. Then meeting with United Airlines Marketing team, negotiating budget, features, and scope, throughout the process of development, integration, testing & implementation.


UX & Design Team


Developers & Business Analyst Team


Project Managers