Its all about thrill, challenge and fun

Unlike most Avatar games, Super Mini Puzzle Heroes features characters from almost all Nick I.P’s and shows, from Avatar to Kung Fu Panda. Invader Zim, name it. This fearless face-off, fast-paced puzzle game will test your agility and eye for detail.
The player must choose a Nicktoon and help the character defeat all other foes. Going multiplayer brings up the whole new challenge of battling a random person over. We created more than a dozen unique backgrounds for each show, and also we took a very meticulous amount of time to design the look of each character but in chibi style. This was key to the success of the game because we were trying not to duplicate characters but to create a new world where different intellectual properties could co-exist and feel in the same universe, at the same time. And also the animations, each character has a very distinctive fight style, different powers, and reactions. From Idle to full attack and final outcome. More than 300 pieces were created, and none two were alike.

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