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Senior Art Director

Data-driven designthat drives connections

With more than 1.7 million flights in 2018 and a reported full-year net income of $2.1 billion, United set to upgrade its digital business operations with the most dynamic reporting suite and dashboard in the market, that delivers real-time knowledge to its customers, so they know exactly their miles status at all times.

My concept was to create a dynamic and scalable design solution, beyond the communication or transaction, supporting our customers and empowering them with vital data throughout their journey with United.  Combining state-of-the-art technology and interactive design we generated engagement, business, and partner opportunities.

Elevating the experience beyond the transaction

Empowering customerswith real-time information

The design focus on simplicity and accessibility to provide corporate travel managers with easy access to updated news, operational waivers and self-service tools. At- a-glance interactive reports measure your contract performance and help you monitor details of spending, including ancillary revenue. From spent miles to available corporate perks and rewards.

Creating value through knowledge

A platform powered by technology and data that bring visual information, lifestyle balance and rewards services together in one place for our customers and also tapping into new business verticals. The key is always to bring real value to the experience. 

Creating value in the working experience

Communication, collaboration, organization, artistry... and homemade cookies.

Leading design and creativity for a project like this requires different capabilities and sensibilities, from the artistic perspective to the strategy, in balancing each team member, the right skills and resources,  design production, assets deliveries, content, and many moving variables from the concept stage to the final deployment, including weeks of internal meetings with the design, creative & IT leaders of my team. Then meeting with United Airlines Marketing team, negotiating budget, features, and scope, throughout the process of development, integration, testing & implementation. And also, painstakingly designed pixel-perfect artwork and brought some homemade cookies to enjoy on a daily with my team.




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