Creating a cost-efficient experience

Development, printing, and shipping more than a million Premiere Status Kits around the world were costly in resources and production. We needed to create not just a great experience that communicates that delivers the information, but also the value and experience that each tier deserves and also create opportunities for business.

A solution that brings value to the business and the users.

Understanding what’s more valuable for our customer

Change the color to match your brand or vision, add your logo, choose the perfect layout, modify menu settings, add animations, add shape dividers, increase engagement with call to action and more.

We started our journey-mapping initiative looking for existing, relevant data both qualitative (from past focus groups, customer-support logs, social media feedback) and quantitative (analytics, customer-satisfaction scores, etc.) to get a detailed understanding of our customer’s general attitudes and levels of satisfaction for specific interactions, and uncover missed opportunities and implementing new ideas.

Analyzing pre-existing data help us to save time and refine our understanding