Creating the visual experience

Creating a logo, selecting the right images, animating the titles, and finding the perfect sounds is part of the process, but the real challenge is to convey the emotions and the exact storytelling that will ignite the hearts and minds of the audiences. Is about creating an intimate bridge with the audience that allows individual stories to become real, relevant, and life-transforming.

The key to great idea is the execution.

Great design is more than a great concept and idea, is about preparation. When it comes to motion design, there’s a multidisciplinary process where every department and stakeholder adds up to shape that idea. From knowing your audience to the person that does the schedule.

House-Ballroom culture comes from the underground community where performers walk, dance & pose to achieve acclaim. This logo represents character, strength & simplicity: the tall, bold letters mixed with lines inspire power and futuristic glamour of the ballroom culture. This branding will be used within a variety of mediums and platforms from show packaging, toolkits to promos and social media. This HBO Max original series will premier in May next year.