Bridging the gap between luxury fashion & technology

My focus was on creating an experience, moving beyond traditional retail of showcasing clothes or accessories, while creating a strong brand voice that connects with the customers. We created a unique language and a digital environment, a portal to access our brand universe wherever you are. From our showroom to a coffee shop, anywhere. The discovery, the desire, the fun, the colors and textures that create an authentic experience. It’s not just shopping, is authenticity, attitude, and expressing yourself.

More brand experience, less e-commerce

The experience feels more like a relationship than a transaction. Stories are the heart of social media and the most engaging way to bring our content into social platforms directly from content created in-store in real-time. Fashion has done this since the beginning, we just liberated the runways. We built elements and tools to create shoppable videos that showcase favorite items based on research, social media trends, and analytics showcasing product stories in a new and engaging way, inspiring users into brand influencers.

Analytics and smart algorythms to create the perfect experience

Historically, fashion stores relied on footfall, color trends, styles forecast, etc. Today we use real-time algorithms and  A.I. to train the neural network to understand style preferences, colors, and textures. After that, the algorithm creates content based on users’ styles preferences, applying image recognition to social media panels identifying shapes, prints, colors and attributes to fabrics. We created a seamless brand experience in every channel with a fully integrated digital commerce offering creating visibility and multiple opportunities to engage with the brand and its unique designs. Considering the new habits of our new millennial base, that prefers to shop online than go to the store.

A Digital Affair. Moving Beyond the Stores

The digital experience allows the brand to move beyond the stores, reaching consumers from Argentina, Chile, Spain, and the USA. where clients can buy their favorite looks without losing the immersive experience. Jazmin Chebar has 16 exclusive local stores located in the cities of Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, Córdoba, Mendoza, Neuquén, and Rosario, and in Chile, Lima, Montevideo, and Asunción. With this digital store and e-commerce platform, the brand expanded its growing international presence to the United States.

The largest digital brand universe in Latin America