Jazmin Chebar: more than a brand, a love relationship.

It is never just about the clothes. It’s about the lifestyle and connection that we share with our consumers. Clothes are more than accessories and fabrics. They represent an intimate, sophisticated, and unique language. Jazmin Chebar knows exactly how to talk to women. My focus was to bring that communication into the digital world. The personal discovery and expectation of the dressing room, the fun, and joy of trying colors and textures.

More connection, less transaction

The experience feels more like a relationship than a transaction. Clients can browse for hours creating their own story through our brand, mixing and matching, looking at the suggestions, crating their favorite looks. This experience reflects all the DNA of the Argentine designer, with maximalist prints, unique and durable design pieces, the latest technology for fabric development, and sophisticated fun.

Beyond the store

The digital experience allows the brand to move beyond the stores, reaching consumers from Argentina, Chile, Spain, and the USA. where clients can buy their favorite looks without losing the immersive experience.

Digital Expansion

Jazmin Chebar has 16 exclusive local stores located in cities of Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, Córdoba, Mendoza, Neuquén and Rosario, and in Chile, Lima, Montevideo, and Asunción. With this digital store and e-commerce platform, the brand expanded its growing international presence to the United States.

Scalable, adaptable and on brand

The digital experience started back in 2012, at the time, the business needed a boost beyond the local market. After 2 years, the success was overwhelming and we created individual modules that can be easily scaled and adapted to the licensees according their own market.

A local brand with global expansion