Data-driven storytelling,that creates connection.

With more than 4 billion emails users, and approx 306 billion emails dispatched to inboxes every day. How can we differentiate and make it relevant, local, interesting, attractive?

The key is to integrate data, visual storytelling, and omnichannel analytics that delivers a 360 customer experience.

A strong creative, powerful visual narrative and a streamlined DAM strategy are key to building campaigns that stay at the top of the customer’s mind. I focus on user-based storytelling to inspire our customers to engage and take action. From the beginning to plan your travel, to the last minute bookings, prepping for flight, destinations, and understanding how the experience could be and after that, Inviting dialogue on an alternate channel, or sharing memories, and using this to engage for future opportunities.

A powerful team to connect the world

My team delivered more than 20 campaigns weekly and deliver hundreds of assets on a daily basis in more than 5 languages. Art Direction, design, creativity, analytics, development, IT and operations come together to create a unique experience to support different marketing requests and goals from all over the world from. Each market with completely different goals, demographics, and products but with the same passion, creativity focusing on how to communicate and support our users, bring new opportunities and experiences to users around the globe.

Omnichannel brand impact: unleashing teams with a DAM strategy

Impact not only depends on the ideas, executions, and visual storytelling but also on how reliable, organized and fast to implement that content is. With so many workstreams and marketing teams around the world, we needed to implement an integrated DAM strategy to maximize collaboration, centralizing feedbacks, approvals, assets, and brand consistency to create an omnichannel brand impact and provide teams with trustworthy and real-time brand support.

Empowering users with knowledge

Email campaigns are a unique opportunity to educate and inform customers in a very personal way. Based on data, we focus on providing information to our travelers to help them map out their whole year in potential travel destinations is key, and extremely useful. Users can refer to this when preparing long weekends for the year or a much-needed weekend escape from work to these destinations.

We expanded the experience and suggested cities and unique local experiences based on customers’ travel habits. Offering users and partners real estate on a high-reach email list. The open rate improved significantly when we introduced user-based storytelling to 19.8%, the click-through rate is 11.3%, and we lower the bounce rate from 16% to 9.4%. 

Location-based offerings

Through data and customers’ habits, we focused on locals and their frequent travels destinations, either business or otherwise. United strong local destinations offerings feature great deals from San Francisco Bay Area. Creating relevant and interesting offers to local customers.

Generating Revenue & Growth

Supporting our users Journey from beginning to end.

Although social media is a big marketing drive due to Facebook, Instagram, and the stories generated. Email marketing is still a key instrument in the overall strategy, bringing a high percentage not only of revenue but also engagement and the best way to nurture leads. User-based storytelling, artificial intelligence to optimize email send times and A/B testing allows United to create an impactful connection that drives not only business but an opportunity to connect with users where they are.