Creating a user experiencethat drives conversions

Lingoda Language Sprint landing page was underperforming and needed improvement. Conversions and engagement needed a critical improvement and a time-efficient A/B testing solution. It also needed a seamless brand alignment in email marketing and content.

After a creative, material design and data audit, my focus was on redefining strategic visual elements. From storytelling through checkout, the key was to visually elevate the value proposition, benefits, creativity, words, and key images to anchor the client journey. My goal was to align visual communication, design systems, analytics, and targets to deliver a higher impact on conversion performance.


Lingoda Language Sprint™


Senior Art Director

Design with people at heart& business in mind

Understanding Needs 

Design, artwork, and copy are anchored on users, audiences & campany goals.

Solution Driven

Innovation, advantages and impact design will have on the users & the organization.

Make things simple

Delivering relevant info, minimizing learning curve & cognitive load. 

Built a relationship

Clear, relevant and strategic design materials to boost conversions.

Design that makes usersand business units really happy

Design for motivation


Dive in the culture, be an insider, get the vibe.


Make your own schedule and maximize your time.


Accelerate the learning process. Speak like a Local.


Pursue your passions, opportunities, and ideas.

Updated hero comparison

Social media components