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Lingoda's Enterprise Landing Page Re-design

Professional development programs and team collaboration were my inspiration to create this landing page. A brand is as important as what its customers can achieve with it. My vision is to connect the brand with customers’ real business needs, objectives, and aspirations. From formal or casual training, team incentives, or specific business goals and the impact on the organization.

Design focusing on the team business needs

To deliver conversions and significant growth, my focus was to understand the mindset of a younger generation of decision-makers and their needs. Different generations have different perspectives, so it’s important to understand exactly who is our customer, and incorporate that research and results into the design to bring maximum results.

Focus on customers

Understanding their needs and goals is the key to creating the right visual storytelling. Design, copy, icons, and social proof should tackle users’ needs and objectives.

Support our customers

What solution can we deliver, how can we help them, and what impact will have on the organization.

Make things simple

Reducing the learning curve, providing quick access to information, minimize cognitive load.  A visual structure to support the decision-making.

A two-way conversation

Be relevant, clear, and engaging. Trustworthiness and transparency. inspire leads and generate conversions.

The new design focused more on providing the reasons, social proof & trust, to inspire customers in their decision process.

User Mindset Keywords


Flexibility helps you study better and don’t feel burnt out from sitting in a 2 hrs class.


Fluency helps you move with ease. Dive in the culture, be an insider, get the vibe.


Accelerate the learning process. Speak like a Local, understand the cultural expressions.


Make your own schedule depending on your habits, adapting your class hours to your social life, family, etc.


Freedom to pursue your passions, encourage innovative ideas.


A flex schedule allows you to adjust your work schedule without taking time off or take advantage of your productive hours.

Updated hero comparison

Social media components