Creating an interactive experience

Share the Joy, Win a Latte.

The concept is simple: share the joy of the holidays with friends and people you care about and winning some cool rewards while you do it! Users could create a special personalized message using selected Starbucks® holiday beverages and share it over their favorite social platform or email. Users can decorate the cup, add holiday cheers and win some cool products and complimentary seasonal products and also write a personalized card attached! From “I miss you” to “Sorry, here’s a virtual Cappuccino for you!” The app became an instant success and the “Starbucks Share the Joy” (Comparte l Alegria) was everywhere! and it was 2012.

Creating Holiday Magic

During the holidays, Starbuck creates unique beverages and wonderful memories to share with friends and family….so we moved the experience to mobile devices! One of my first projects with my brand new agency of three people. We literally went to Starbucks and present this idea, and they said yes. In a weekend, my business partner Ariel Chamson created de live mockup, I did the artwork…and that was it. Our first gig circa Oct. 2012 Next year our team went triple 🙂

An Entrepreneurs Story

Kuddos to my business partner Ariel Chamson. It’s been 20 years, and to be sincere, it was our very own success story. The newly “Quadramma” digital creative agency had its first project. No money, no office, just Ariel and me, on a ping-pong table, with a windows PC and my mac-mini 2012 (that I still have). Thank you, God, for opening the doors for us.