Where Artistry meets technology

Guerre D’eden is an award-winning interactive digital book that combines stunning artwork, mobile innovation, and user experience. I created the concept art and worked with my team of geniuses to bring to life an incredible experience that feels you are reading a book, watching a movie, and playing a game, getting completely immersed in an epic story of supernatural lovers.

State-of-the-art tech & illustration

Literally, a game-changer in almost every sense. We were one of the first studios (circa 2012) to take advantage of the iPad’s ability to display full-color, interactive, multimedia content. From advanced hand gestures to interact with the content to 3D artwork that can be touched, rotated, and explored.

This award-winning digital book combines both objective participation, subjective emotion, and revolutionary tech. Each page, from the opening of the book, feels like an epic adventure, with tactile digital controls, audio, animation and interactive games that let you walk each page of the adventure as if you were a character.

From concept to final execution