Cartoon Network / Lucasfilm


Senior Art Director

Project Scope
A large-scale project, with creative and production operations in 3 continents, requires multiple and simultaneous creative lines, working with stakeholders from Lucasfilm, Cartoon Network Studios, and Rough Draft Studios across the globe. From Marin County (Skywalker Sound & Lucasfilm), Burbank and Atlanta (Cartoon Network Studios), VanNuys, and Seoul, Korea (Rough Draft Animation Studios).
Creative Tasks
As part of the Star Wars franchise, CloneWars Miniseries was the first experiment from LucasFilm that spanned several games and other series like Star Wars: Clone Wars, the animated series, and the Star Wars: Rebels and The Mandalorian, currently under Disney’s Lucasfilm umbrella. My focus was to oversee the design team. We worked on storyboarding, concept art, character design, background design, 2D, and 3D, layout, working with the talented team at Lucasfilm.

A creative assembly, of more than 400 people involved – from concept to delivery- was planned in detail. So everyone knew what, when and how exactly their task should be done, completed and delivered. We created & implemented processes and protocols for multiple teams, multiple skills and resources, human talent, hardware, and software required months of pre-production and planning, with specific tasks and time frame. We made space for the “unknown” and forecasted micro-delays in various scenarios to avoid ‘domino effect’ delays. As well as many meetings went down with marketing and finance over concepts and ideas so they could project a guestimate ROI before actual production started.

Building a world, one schedule at a time.

I participated with them in other projects more related to game production, and collaborated with designers in the clothing, texturing, and fabric design for each character. As a creative, I’m amazing to imagine a background, a spaceship and translate that imagination into paper. And doesn’t stop there because these pieces are used all around the world to create products, content, promotional marketing, and key-art fr streaming platforms and VOD. 

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