Creating tomorrow for the next generation

What kind of resources are we providing today so the next generation can make the right decisions, develop leading skills and choose the right opportunities for them in a world overloaded with choices and information. The key starts with the right mindset and the best set of tools, both intellectual and emotional. Let's dive in...

Recalculating your thoughts

We value intelligence, personality, and character. But what is it? Luck, chance, genetic predisposition? Some believe success is based on natural abilities, others, on learning those abilities, or even the circumstances you were born. But identity and how we define ourselves are the building blocks of our future. This can change everything. What we ‘think’ of ourselves is who we think we are, and our conscious and unconscious thoughts affect our decisions, especially at work, in our careers, and in the direction of our future. Doesn’t matter if you are 7 or 47, those beliefs and mindsets will guide your steps.

We all have different situations, but those conditions are not set or final, they are a starting point. And that’s where your ‘mindset’ comes in handy. What we think and believe of ourselves is what’s happening: where you are right now is a result of that. 

Changing your beliefs can have a powerful impact on your mindset. Imagine if you could “recalculate” our destination, and how we relate to others, and make decisions -career or personal ones-. Commonly, a “mindset” is associated with entrepreneurs. And that’s correct, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Learning, overcoming, trying. Imagine what would happen if you think of failure as a learning opportunity?

Our focus should be on inspiring kids to develop their own abilities, confidence, and possibilities so they can find their own mission, understand value, and whatever success means for them. And even in the most adverse conditions or failures, kids (and adults) will be able to find their way and purpose.

More than skill, its a vision

Building a mindset is more related to ‘purpose’ than to a set of skills.  Mindset is simply a belief system. It’s an attitude, disposition or tendency that a person adopts to respond to challenges, tasks, and opportunities.  An entrepreneurial attitude is at its core level, resolving a problem by working out a solution. A mind is inspired by belief, that inspires others. Confident and positive, creative, resourceful, and resilient, capable of distilling concepts and ideas into actions and decisions, generating momentum and an atmosphere for things to happen. An entrepreneurial mindset goes beyond creating a business or a start-up, an entrepreneurial person is someone who terraforms their environment, decisions, and actions into creating its own future and drives cultural changes, from one family to an entire nation, to one succesful product to a lifestyle revolution.

Some people look at change and see opportunity, or problems and see solutions, like Neo when discover how the matrix operates behind 'the world’.

Learned skills or natural traits?

Some people look at change and see opportunity, others look at problems and see solutions. Why is that? Some, when challenged, rise above, while others paralyze by doubts and indecision. Although we are all born with a specific set of genes, with no control over our genetic allocation, we know lifestyle choices and different experiences through development and maturity can influence gene expression and thus exert influences over behavior. 

Everyday experiences instill the “entrepreneurial” mindset, beginning within our family, and later when we go to school, college, the friends we have, and finally at the workplace. The sooner you start to understand and use these traits, it becomes a habit.

While entrepreneurship skills can be learned, and become a successful business entrepreneur, a classroom environment has its limits. Inspiring a mindset is a hands-on process, especially when you focus on leadership (and team development). Entrepreneurial instincts are naturally incorporated at home, by family members or observing other people, even friends. They may not use MBA or Masters terms, but they do understand the actions that matter to achieve success. And it focuses not only on their personal success but on helping others to reach their success.

Where do we start?

The first step is to do a bit of “spring cleaning’, let some fresh air into the mind. Take a moment to look at your ‘mindset’ and visualize it. Are you aware of your abilities? how do you perceive your value? What do you love to do (having an ice-cream sandwich doesn’t count… unless you are planning to develop an Ice cream empire, you see, a passion can become a skill). Normally we connect the term “successful mindset” with entrepreneurs, but there’s so much more.

Strengthen confidence and trust in your abilities will boost your decision-making skills, your learning skills, and your time management. Imagine having more time to improve something you like or do something completely new. The simplest change in your mindset can have a profound impact on every aspect of your life. Imagine if you could “recalculate” your direction? From the way relate to others, the way you make decisions, career or romantic ones.


Practical application: if you feel brave enough, write down a list of your skills -even if it sounds small or unimportant- You might discover hidden or untapped skills. Write also what you are good at, and what you’ll like to improve. Also, exercise looking around. Focus on small situations and things that are important to you. Successful moments, mistakes…what is worthy to repeat and what to do differently. Understanding the value you could bring to your situation is the springboard to your future. Even if is a small thing, the payoff is giant. It will literally change the course of your actions. Learning, overcoming, expanding your tent. Imagine what would happen if you think of failure as a learning opportunity? or an obstacle as a chance for developing skills. The sky is the limit.

Creating an entrepreneurial mindset means inspiring people to believe in themselves and to dream big about what their future could be. It’s guiding people, teams and organizations to see the potential in ideas and situations, both individually or part of a group or community. Its creating a future.

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