Building a visual map of you

BIORAMA is a real board game that allows you to visualize your professional and life goals by creating a visual journey of you. My focus is to encourage people to discover their potential and to develop the skills and mindset to do it. Often times, meetings with acquaintances or friends ended up in some sort of career advice. With a coffee in hand, we often talked about our experiences, challenges, and victories. We looked for opportunities to develop creativity, communication, fresh perspectives, and how we could create personal and professional value in the midst of these experiences.
I sketched some ideas and concepts in a napkin to illustrate the situation and after that, it was just connecting the dots, letting my friend have a glimpse of the ideas and possibilities. It didn't give you all the answers but spark-ignited their minds, building the energy and momentum to grow. And the great thing is that works both ways, for me and my 'mentee'. I'm fulfilling my life and career goals through to inspire others to discover their strengths, explore the possibilities, and get past personal challenges/mental blocks to reach their fullest. This is the core idea that fuels BIORAMA.

More than a game, a tool for change.

This dynamic helps people to visualize their journey, find different clusters of vocations, dormant skills, and lead to discover and re-define personal and professional objectives. It's not therapy or analysis, it is just a game to help you be better oriented. This "map of life" game includes a set of 3D printed elements, Goal Cards (that users create related to their aspirations and goals) and a basic Life Board. The board is a dynamic page where you can write and create your own personal story, planning your roadmap to achieve your objectives: a new skill, career change, dream job, a trip or a complex conversation or decision. Often, people want to do something about their goals but they don’t know how to do it.

3D Printed objects helps to visualize your goals and unleash your creative energy.
The Life Board is a dinamyc page where you can put your goals and organize all the elements to create your journey.
The Goald Cards allows you to discover a clear goald and how to create a real plan to get to where you want to be.

game highlights

Visualize your professional and life goals
Discover your potential and develop the necessary skills to do it.
Find real opportunities to improve your creativity, communication and skills.
Create personal and professional value in challenging and complex situations.
Plan and organize your goals step by step in a visual and fun way.
Anticipate challenges and roadblocks before they knock at your door.
Friendly learning curve and easy to understand. Also adapts to your personal goals.
No matter where you are in life or current situation, this will inspire you to get thing moving.

From Abstract to Achievable

No matter your journey in life or your current situation, BIORAMA is a tool to inspire you to move forward. It will enable you to define clear objectives and calendar actions, a real roadmap of what you need to do to get where you want. I believe if you can see it, you can plan it, and if you plan it, you do it. I have seen it work, many times, how an object, a visual representation empowers people and creates a unique energy. Through playing and interacting with the elements of the game, ideas and actions became clear, from 'abstract' to 'achievable'. An unstoppable chain reaction that releases your potential, unlock your talent and create a clear roadmap to get to where you wanted to be.