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Covid-19 changed our life in so many different way, from business, working, lifestyle, social life and even parenting, and office work as we all knew it is a thing from the past (at least now). Once bustling buildings were reduced to rows of empty desks. Workers converted their couches and spare rooms to offices and companies did their best to keep the figurative lights on for the first few months. After that initial swirl, we discovered that office life has completely changed and dividing time between being a full parent of a toddler, kid or even a teenager is a very challenging task. So this Fathers Day, we wanted to acknowledge dads from the world and just think of them and the wonderful and sometimes frustrating, but most rewarding job of all times: being a father. Departing from United sophisticated imagery, luxurious hotels, and lavish cities, we wanted to create a real and simple message for our audience, and humor is always a great ally in times like this.

Home Office

Thank you to all the fathers for being awesome even when is not that easy.

Full time Job

For the world, you are a Father, but for your kids you are the world! Thank you Dad :)