Codename: KND

This series ran from 2002, with six seasons, 78 episodes and 2 TV movies until the end in 2008.And was one of Cartoon Network's most popular and successful shows of 2000s. I can't remember how many pieces we created, from backgrounds, characters, crazy tree-houses, character poses, weaponry and even incredible vehicles. Also for licensing, we did styleguides, apparel, name it. In terms of art production and deliveries, this would be among the top 5 CN properties, only surpassed by PPG (Powerpuff Girls), Ben10 in all its iterations and Adventure Time. And they were so much fun, you could do anything!! They build and design elaborate contraptions using anything they can get their hands on: bubble gum, old wood, and spare tires. And not just creatively, but a great licensing business, as imagination and products never runs out. One of my favorite series.

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