United Mileage Plus®

Creating a global campaign that delivers results

The Market

Travel distributors, corporate travel buyers, and procurement departments that implement purchase policies from flights, hotels, and car rentals, etc. an approx. 60% of United's revenue comes from this sector.

The Challenge

Creative needed to reflect the brand commitment, innovation, transparency, top-tier quality & style. Also needs to deliver all sorts of information to support the decision-making process, and cost-efficient in terms of ideation, design, production, and deployment.

The Solution

Creating a design system that is flexible, modular, scalable and stylish to support dynamic content, localization in 5 languages and on-demand delivery. Artistry, technology & creativity that integrates UX, content accesibility and targeting capabilities to support global business goals.

Delivering visual knowledge that supports the decision journey.

I created a strong visual style and implemented a streamlined DAM strategy to build high-performance campaigns that stay at the top of the customer’s mind. With high-quality design and powerful creativity, we inspire our customers to engage and take action across every single platform and connect with the brand on multiple touchpoints to nurture leads and deliver the knowledge customers really need.

Transforming business goalsinto high-performance campaigns

My focus was to create visual storytelling and graphic pieces that deliver brand awareness, equity, visual differentiation, legacy, and ground-breaking performance. A lead impact that organically finds the right workstream and channels in the business cycle, from partners, decision-makers up to social media. Every channel counts.

Design Brand Guide Samples

We created hundred pages styleguides for each specific initiative to streamline and safeguard the brand identity regarless the product, country or workstream. The brand identity is clear, sophysticated and detailed, pixel perfect from images, iconography, layouts and colors.

Omnichannel brand impact: unleashing teams with a DAM strategy

Impact not only depends on the ideas, executions, and visual storytelling but also on how reliable, organized and fast to implement that content is. With so many workstreams and marketing teams around the world, we needed to implement an integrated DAM strategy to maximize collaboration, centralizing feedbacks, approvals, assets, and brand consistency to create an omnichannel brand impact and provide teams with trustworthy and real-time brand support.

Supporting our customers in every step of their decision process.

From social media through Email marketing we created a visual style and design strategy for a global market, delivering engagement, quality leads, performance and revenue. Data-driven design, dynamic content, A/B testing, and optimization of every content create an impactful connection that drives smart business.