The Game

Being an art director is great because I get to do what I love. But when it comes to this kind of project, it's like a kid playing with crayons. As a matter of fact, I'm much of a kid with a beard :) This game is truly innovative and potentially infinite. Adventure Time “Epic Time” takes on classic card battles, but with Adventure Time show characters, cool animations, amazing voice acting, and great game design. An essential game for fans of the show -currently one of the most successful Cartoon Network franchises- among kids, teens, and adults. Players can embark on an epic adventures to save Candy Kingdom, Ice Kingdom, Magic Forrest and defeat the ultimate evil in the Underworld! Meet and Run with All Your Favorite Adventure Time Characters on your phone or tablet and collect Unique Treasures for Your Favorite Characters. It's Epic!

game highlights

Diverse metagame / Frequent balance change to keep up the pace and challenge.
Habilities & Powers balance. We spent time making sure all combinations have good balance.
Artwork and storyline match game level, mood and personalities of the characters.
Progressive gameplay. Non repetitive experience.
Reward structure balance players turns to keep it challenging and fun.
Entertaining Voice work with characters humor & personalities.
Friendly learning curve for easy pick up and start.
Play Multiplayer game using a single device.
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Characters, Animations and Fun Stuff

This game had A LOT of artwork. From the different background scenes to the defense or idle poses for characters, boss and even background elements. Powers, upgrades, and changes in the UI to keep the players immersed, invested and excited. Here are some of the sketches, samples and fun stuff. Enjoy :)