Design that bring expertise & change

Kanta Analytics Consulting was created in 2015 to partner with clients around the world to provide business insights and local business development, especially for Poland & CEE. We have roots in many of the world’s best-known social research business ecosystems, including Infratest in Germany, BMRB in the UK,  IMRB in India, Ibope in Brazil, and Obop in Poland.

They identify the right markets, resolve operational challenges in Poland & CEE, create digital content and provide strategies for future business, working with teams across national boundaries and making innovation a way of life.

Research to help you see the full picture

Accessibility and cognitive clarity are essential, and knowledge design increases the ability to reach and connect with clients. We create accessible modules for new ways to link data, integrate open data, non-survey data, and unstructured data, and draw on data partnerships to display analytics capabilities.

The new paradigm: Design as an organic tool.

The new paradigm: Design as an organic tool. They design elements evolve to support dynamic capabilities that can adapt quickly to new challenges and opportunities. The created piece acts as a stable platform for dynamic content, providing customers with a unique and useful tool. Enabling agile organizations to mobilize quickly, empowered to act, and make it easy to act. In short, the design respond like a living organism.