LEGO® Minifigures Digital Collector App

Design interfaces and artwork for games are always fun. But working with LEGO® is another level of fun…BECAUSE OF THE TOYS!!! The wonderful team at LEGO send us a HUGE box of LEGO® Minifigures. We lost our minds 🙂 and got super inspired but the pint-sized mini-heroes.The idea is very simple but super fun and addictive.  Players spin the wheels to collect each series. Every time you press play, you get a different combination of characters, and if you match the 3 rows in one swipe, you win and find out what LEGO® Minifigures character you get! We focus on bringing the excitement, expectation, and fun of opening each secret package into a digital experience.  Users can build their LEGO® Minifigures collection, discover each character, and have limitless fun. Swipe away!

One Million reasons for Fun!

The app was a big success among LEGO® Minifigures fans of all ages! reaching -YES, me- 🙂 1.1 million downloads. By swiping and matching the characters each time you press play you create your personal ‘digital’ collection of characters and access their bio, stats and can connect with the brand through the website. The combinations are random and super fun and users spent time having fun and collection their favorite LEGO® Minifigures series. Boy, I spent hours and some coins on these adorable mini-friends!

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